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Did you know? Not only can you shop our fabulous retail shop in Hudsonville, but you can also shop our online stores!

Buy or Sell on eBay

Revive is a member of the eBay for Charity Program, which means you can bid on items we've listed or sell your own items and donate 10-100% of the selling price to Revive. Charity listings tend to attract more bids and higher selling prices so it's a win-win for all! In addition, eBay will give you a credit on your basic selling fees and you will receive a tax receipt for your donation. Please consider supporting our Christian schools through Revive the next time you buy or sell on eBay!


Buy Our Products on Amazon

Shop Our Craigslist Store

Please note that all Revive items will say "(Revive in Hudsonville)" behind them.  If an item doesn't say this, it's not from Revive!



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