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Revive is a non-profit resale store selling clothing, furniture, home goods, sporting goods, children’s items, and more.  It operates by receiving generous donations from the community and with the help of many dedicated volunteers. Revive strives to provide a high quality shopping experience with very affordable prices. 

M-W-F:      10 am - 5 pm
T-TH:           10 am - 7 pm
SAT:             10 am - 3 pm



M-F:      10 am - 4 pm
SAT:     10 am - NOON


Revive is sponsored by Unity Christian High School for the benefit of all the Eastern Ottawa Christian Schools. The money raised is distributed to each school to reduce tuition costs and keep Christian education affordable. 

About the Schools

These schools have an educational vision of developing followers of Jesus to be leaders. This vision is realized by providing a Christ-centered education that is Biblically based and academically excellent, where the focus is on increasing faith and developing every student’s talents so they are best equipped for service to God and others. The Eastern Ottawa Christian Schools currently serve over 2,600 students in grades K-12.

Allendale Christian (PK-8)                                   Lamont Christian (PK-8)

Borculo Christian (PK-8)                                     South Olive Christian (PK-8)   

Hudsonville Christian (PK-8)                              Unity Christian High School (Grades 9-12)

Jenison Christian (PK-8)


Revive also strives to be a service to the greater community. It is a store where individuals and families can purchase quality items at affordable prices in a clean and upscale 
environment.  It is also a place where the community can donate its gently used items.


Revive is a place of ministry, too. Revive partners with several other area ministries to make sure no donation, no resource, no opportunity to help is wasted. These agencies include World Mission, Appalachia Reach Out, Mississippi Christian Services and Christian Resources International, as well as individual ministries such as Lisa’s Quality Rags.  Individuals from Social Incites, IKUS Life Enrichment Services and Georgetown Harmony Homes, along with students from the Eastern Ottawa Christian Schools also find a place at Revive to serve and be served each week. 

"Truly, Revive is everything the word suggests - a revival of used items, a revival of commitment to Christian education, and a revival in thanking God for blessing the store and His people."

-Jack Postma, former principal of Unity Christian High School

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